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If you are looking for a small and adorable pet without a high maintenance, then go for a guinea pig. It lives on hay, pellets, some fruits and vegetables, and those commodities don’t normally cost so much. But more than just the consumption, guinea pigs are highly social animals, and according to CostMentor, it’s ideal to buy them in pairs.

Also known as cavies, guinea pigs are active, amusing, and highly talkative tiny creatures, which make them perfect pets for kids. They can provide a constant stream of happiness, even if sometimes they are a handful. Although they are able to escape their dungeons, guinea pigs are definitely fun to keep. They come in different breeds, and here are the most peculiar, and perhaps, the rarest ones.

Skinny Pigs

Seems like an oxymoron, but skinny pigs have such names because they are hairless, which make them look thin. However, they are not completely hairless since their legs, feet, and muzzles have some hair. This breed is a crossbreed of hairless and short-haired guinea pigs that were used in many laboratory experiments. Although they don’t have the most lovable appearance (probably the most peculiar look), skinny pigs sincerely reciprocate the love and care given to them.

Werewolf Skinny Pigs

These are a variation of skinny pigs, but they have more hair. Werewolf skinny pigs have fur accumulated all over their bodies. There are cases when they lose their hair, but it rarely happens. At a first glance, you may see werewolf skinny pigs as typical skinny pigs. But if you look at them closely, you will notice groups of hair that are so fine, you would actually say otherwise. One distinguishing characteristic of a werewolf skinny pig is that it doesn’t have fur on its belly.

White Crested Guinea Pigs

The most distinguishing characteristic of White Crested Guinea Pigs is their white spot or crown on top of their heads. There are no other white areas in their bodies. Besides the white crest, this breed is almost the same as the American Guinea Pig – the most common breed. It has a short and smooth coat, which makes it easy for you or your kid to groom. However, White Crested Guinea Pigs are more difficult to find than American Guinea Pigs.

Texel Guinea Pigs

If hairless pets are not your thing, then you may opt for guinea pigs with curly hair instead. Most guinea pig breeds are covered with fur, and one of the most popular variety is the Texel Guinea Pig. it is a relatively new breed with a beautiful coat made of curly strands of hair all over the body. The curls are soft and long, covering its short and compact body. Texel Guinea Pigs are usually a choice of sophisticated pet lovers who love to groom their furry friends, as well as for guinea pig enthusiasts.

Rex Guinea Pigs

You already have the hairless, not-so hairless, and the curly guinea pigs. Now, let’s have a short-haired breed under the name of Rex Guinea Pigs. Their hair can only grow less than one centimeter long. They don’t have guard hairs to protect their coat from too much moisture and falling. It’s the reason why their fur feels like a wool. Aside from the Rex’s rough and dense coat, one of its distinguishing factors is its long, dangling ears.

Peruvian Satin Guinea Pigs

If you want to have the longest and straightest locks, then the Peruvian Satin Guinea Pig is definitely a gorgeous choice. This breed is highly recommended for pet lovers who have the knack of grooming and accessorizing their cuddly animal friends. The hair of the Peruvian Satin Guinea Pig can grow up to 51 centimeters long. But going beyond their coat, this breed is very active and has a great personality, which makes it enjoyable to take care.

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