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January 21, 2016


Welcome to the new blog. I hope to publish all kinds of content about baby animals here; including news stories, new baby animal posts on the site, and more.

I purchased this site just over a year ago via auction at I’m a web designer, and I wanted to buy an existing site that had some Google AdSense revenue and experiment with it. Critter Babies was a good fit because it was within my budget, I saw a lot of potential, and the information would be interesting to my kids, twin boys age 4 at the time.

I appreciate your interest in the site and my gaol is to improve the overall quality as much as possible. I appreciate any and all feedback; especially if you come across copyrighted images. Since I purchased the site, it came with the existing images. I am working through all images to replace with public domain or royalty free images, but it’s a slow process.

If you have any feedback about the site please submit it with this feedback form.

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