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Mediterranean house gecko
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Baby lizards are very independent. They can survive without their mother right after they come into this world.

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These little babies are very active!

Newborn lizards are just like miniature adults. It’s surprising all that a baby lizard can do from birth. Baby lizards are very independent. They can survive without their mother right after they come into this world.

Baby lizards do not feed on milk, instead hatchlings can eat what an adult lizard eats from the start. They eat insects like ants, flies, non-poisonous spiders, and small worms. But of course, such insects should not be bigger than the lizard’s head.

Baby lizards protect themselves at night by burrowing their bodies under the ground. Another thing, baby lizards heal quickly. They can survive even if their tail is injured. In fact, their tail can grow back if the lizard loses it. Lizards never stop growing!

Lizards are a pet that can be relatively easy to care for. Keep in mind that keeping some species of lizards as pets is prohibited, especially if it belongs to an endangered species.

Caring for Pet Lizards

Your lizard is a fun and active pet! They love to explore so make sure they have the biggest aquarium habitat you can possibly afford! We don’t recommend anything smaller than 20 gallons for housing your loveable lizard pet. Make their environment look just like it would in the wild with sticks, branches, dirt and plants. Lizards require a significant amount of care and their environment should be misted 2-3 times per day to ensure they stay well hydrated as they will drink off of the leaves. Don’t forget to make sure it stays above 75 degrees F! They also love to climb so keep the environment ever changing so they can always explore.

Your lizard likes to eat crickets and other small to medium sized insects depending on your slithery friend’s size. You can buy these live or frozen at your local pet store Just make sure to avoid mealworms as your lizard may have a hard time digesting them.

Your lizard needs a UVB light to get the proper vitamins, so ensure one is placed above the tank and shines brightly for about half of the day. Hold them carefully and always be gentle to them!