Cute baby animals pictures and education

Baby alligator Kiawah Island Resort, South Carolina

Alligators are reptiles which can been found in many areas across the world including the China Republic and United States of America.

Be careful with this wild baby! While he’s very cute, he has a strong jaw and a sharp set of teeth!


Alligators are reptiles which can been found in many areas across the world including the China Republic and United States of America. America is mostly where they are found; specifically in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and some of the coastal areas of Carolina. What makes a baby crocodile different than a baby alligator? The major difference between them is their jaw structure. Baby alligators can also be considered hatchlings as they are hatched from eggs. These little alligators are carefully protected by their Moms, just like you! Baby alligators are less aggressive but if they receive any harm from other animals or human beings then they bite with their little but very sharp teeth. Baby alligators usually have about sixty to eighty teeth at a time to eat their favorite type of snails, worms, birds, fish and insects.

Baby alligators cannot move their tongue so it can be proved dangerous for them to eat turtles,snakes or any other type of preyed animals which are big in size and normally eaten by their elders. Baby alligators have very poor metabolism as they rest most of the time. This means they don’t have a lot of energy like you and I do! Baby alligators are so weak that they have to be protected by their mothers for about a year. Alligators are considered babies until their height has reached six feet. It takes a period of two years to reach up to at least six feet! That’s a lot of growing for them to do!

When baby alligators are born they use their special eye tooth to break the egg. This eye tooth is generally found on the tip of the nose and vanishes after a few weeks of birth. Baby alligators have a unique sound of some specific pitch that is used by them only when they face a problem and want to call their mother alligators for help.They use their powerful muscles to open their mouth and to produce a specific sound to call for help whenever they’re scared! Little alligators may be cute but they don’t make good pets as they can bite with their sharp conical teeth. When light is thrown on the eyes of baby alligators their eyes shine and looks green in color. Do you have green eyes?


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Fun Facts About Alligators

• There are two species of alligator, the American Alligator and the Chinese Alligator
• Males can be up to 20 feet long while females are about 8 feet long
• American Alligators can live to be up to 50 years old in the wild!
• Alligators are mostly solitary creatures and prefer to live alone
• Females build nests to lay and protect their eggs
• Alligators can be found in fresh water
• The Chinese Alligator is critically endangered
• The alligator is the official state reptile of Florida
• The name alligator comes from a Spanish word “el lagarto” meaning lizard
• You can tell an alligator from a crocodile by its teeth.
• They weigh around 1,000 pounds!