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When they are born they spend their time sleeping and are awake for a very short time period throughout the day.

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Cute, cuddily and considered Man’s Bestfriend, dogs make excellent first time pets

Puppies grow through a number of stages. When they are born they spend their time sleeping and are awake for a very short time period throughout the day. This period in which they are awake is mostly just to feed from their mother. When they born they are deaf and blind. They don’t even have teeth at that time! But these little puppies grow a little bit slower than the other pets’ babies. At a very young age they possess milk teeth which are like your baby teeth. Their permanent teeth are developed normally within half a year.They open their eyes after completion of the first week but they can take up to two to three weeks to develop their other senses. Their ears stay sealed up to the second week of the birth, which means they can’t hear quite yet! Normally they start barking within the first month of their growth with that cute little puppy bark. If they interact with human beings from a very early age then they can become socialized and show a friendly attitude; but otherwise it’s difficult for them to be as social as they should be. They like to play many games like tug of war, wrestling, fetch and chase. Puppies also like to play with their tails! They chase their tails when left alone. This makes them feel less lonely.

Just like kittens, no sweat glands are found on a puppy’s body. Sweat glands can only be found on their feet pads. Puppies can hear voices that come from more than hundred yards away; this is a really good sense of hearing! A wrong myth about puppies is that they cannot identify the difference between colors and are just color blind. This is wrong because they can feel the difference between different colors, but not as strongly as human beings can. They have very strong sense of smell when compared to other animals and human beings. Puppies are just like us in the sense that they have a special fingerprint. Except, this fingerprint is their nose instead of well, their fingers! This can be used to identify them if they ever get lost.

Young puppies can understand different body signs (normally hand movement) just like human beings. Puppies do not like too much change to their environment. Once they get attached to one place or with any human being they become the best companions among all of the pets in the family.

Care Facts for Puppies

Your little puppy is experiencing a lot of change right now! With everything being different and new sights and sounds around every corner, it’s important to give your puppy a lot of support. It takes your puppy about a week or so to get used to a new home. During this time is when they start to develop a relationship with the humans around them. Try to be as open and as free as possible during this time to be with your puppy. They want to get to know you!

Housetraining a puppy can be a long or difficult process at times. Try using a dedicated spot outside for them to do their business and never reward going inside the house. On the contrary, ensure that a lot of praise is given to puppies who do a good job when going to the bathroom! They’ll begin to establish good habits with praise and know that going to the bathroom outside or on a dedicated pad inside the house is the right thing to do.

Vet visits are critical to newborn puppies. They need a set of vaccinations to keep them healthy and safe with all of the germs in the outside world! Make sure Mom or Dad takes them to the vet to get their shots. During these initial visits your vet will also make sure your puppy is growing big and strong while remaining healthy along the way. Now is the perfect time to ask any questions you may have about your new furry friend. Vets are puppy experts! They have tips on how to train your puppy and can tell you what works best. Develop a relationship with your vet. You’ll be seeing them for the rest of your puppy’s life!

Your vet may have a good recommendation on what to feed your growing puppy. Try to select a natural puppy food formula just for puppies. They need more nutrients, proteins and vitamins as they’re growing than an adult dog does. Remember to never feed your dog cat food. This can be dangerous to their growth and overall health.