Cute baby animals pictures and education

Source: Wikimedia

Little grizzly bears are born blind and without fur. At birth they weigh about a pound, but they gain weight quickly because mother’s rich milk contains 33% fat.

Winter is cold in grizzly territory. Grizzly bears have to grow up tough, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be adorable when they are babies!

As the winter arrives, the mother bear prepares her den. After it is ready she will begin hibernation. Between winter and spring, mostly in January, February or March, she will give birth to bear cubs. These babies are usually born in pairs.

Little grizzly bears are born blind and without fur. Until the spring comes they nurse on their mother, usually while sitting or laying down. Just after they are born, the babies weigh just about a pound, but they gain weight quickly because mother’s rich milk contains 33% fat. The mother grizzly keeps the baby close to her to make sure that it is warm. When the frigid land starts to thaw, the mother and cubs finally leave the den to go out and explore.

Baby grizzly bears are very connected to their mother. They cannot survive without her care. While at first they need the milk from their mother, after they leave the den the possibilities of being attacked by predators are high. The babies usually stay with their mother for a year or two, until they are prepared to go out for their own.

In all the time while the baby bear is with its mother, it is learning survival skills. They learn how to find food, how to make or find a shelter, and how to protect itself in dangerous situations. Grizzly bears are strong predators and their main food source is meat. But because of the need to adapt, they eat vegetation as well. Mostly they eat grass, roots, berries, and fruits. They also eat carrion, which is dead animals, and hunt some small mammals. Fish, which is maybe their favorite, is a staple in their diet. During certain times of the year, large numbers of bears gather to hunt fresh salmon.

Grizzly bears are strong animals, even as babies. They have large heads with small and rounded ears, short tails and hind feet with five toes. Characteristic in their look is their heavy, stout bodies with a muscular shoulder hump. Also, they have claws on the front paws that are large and strong. They usually use them for digging. All over their body they have strong, shaggy, brown fur.

If you ever see a baby grizzly bear, it’s best you stay away from it. Its mother is probably close by, and they are very protective. After they leave their mother, grizzly bears usually live alone. They can be found in Canada, Alaska, and also in reserves in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Washington.