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Baby elephant bathing in mud
Source: Wikipedia

Baby elephants spend almost two years inside their mother’s womb. Typically about 33 in (or 85 cm) tall and weighing about 120 lbs, elephant calfs are fairly mature and able to stand and walk on their own at birth.

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Baby elephants are majestic looking creatures. Very strong yet gentle. They’re also smart like you!

Baby elephants spend almost two years inside their mother’s womb before they are ready to be delivered. Typically about 33 in (or 85 cm) tall and weighing about 120 lbs at birth, elephant calfs are fairly mature and able to stand and walk on their own.

A baby elephant will never have any siblings to play with until almost two years after it’s born. This is because the mother elephant rarely gives birth to more than one calf at a time. Sometimes twins are born

Baby elephants are the largest newborn land mammal on Earth. It’s already two feet tall when it’s born. We as humans take five years to grow to reach two feet tall! Even though a baby elephant is pretty big, compared to Mom, you can tell he or she is still a baby!

Well a baby elephant may drink as much as 11–12 litres of milk a day, that’s forty glasses of milk a day! A baby elephant lives off a mother’s milk for for the next few months before starting to eat plants and branches. A mother elephant has to feed the baby elephant the leaves at first because the baby elephant doesn’t know what to do with its trunk! Occasionally they even accidentally step on their trunks. Just like how a baby human sucks its thumb, baby elephants do the same. They only gain control of their trunk completely around a year old. Elephants as adults don’t have a natural predator. A baby elephant can’t protect himself so they like to stick near elder elephants like Mom and Dad to stay safe.

Baby elephants are welcomed into the herd and there are accounts of witnesses who have seen elephants of the herd gathering around the newborn to welcome it into this world. Little elephants can’t see their mothers at first and they recognize her by scent, touch and sound. Now we know why little elephants get all so cuddly with their mothers.