Cute baby animals pictures and education

Baby chinchillas are fun little balls of fur! Did you know they don’t wash up with water? They use dust!

Did you know that Chinchillas are technically rodents? As crazy as it may, seem they are! Chinchillas are the lovable type of rodents that you can keep as a pet. Your friends will be impressed at their exoticism too! Unlike other animal babies that are born with their eyes closed, Chinchillas are born with their eyes wide open- already looking cute! The secret lies in the gestation period in how long the baby chinchilla was inside it’s mother. It was in its mother’s belly for almost four months!

Chinchillas love to socialize with other chinchillas. Ideally they live in colonies. Because they grow as a colony every time another chinchilla gives birth, there are always Aunts, Uncles or Cousins around to play with!

Sadly chinchillas are at the risk of becoming extinct. They are widely hunted down for their colorful velvet like fur. Because they are at risk of becoming extinct, there’s a wide campaign both online and off the web to adopt chinchillas as pets.

Since this tame baby can be kept as a pet; you need to take care when handling them! Their hearing is just as good as ours, so just like you, they don’t appreciate loud noises. They prefer to be kept in quieter environments. They still love to play though! They need a lot of exercise and love to run around. The more room you can give your chinchilla the better off he or she will be! Just make sure they are in a safe area when exercising so they can’t get hurt.

Chinchillas have strong front teeth that can grow if they don’t take care of them. To take care of them, chinchillas gnaw and bite on things to keep them short. They don’t know the difference between their chew toy and your TV wire, so continue to be careful when this baby is out exercising!

If you have other tame babies in the house that are not chinchillas, they may not want to be friends. Baby chinchillas can be nervous and get scared when another animal is around. This may get better when they are older, you just need to take good care of your baby!

So what do these cute little chinchillas eat? They love hay and hay pellets, similar to what they would find in the desert where they live. Unlike other small animals, they do not like dry fruit. Their digestive system cannot handle it and they would get sick. Always feed your chinchilla in small quantities to avoid an upset tummy!

While chinchillas are very furry, they do not get bathed in water! Because their coat of fur is so thick if it got saturated with water it could lead to fungus growth. They actually get bathed in pumice dust!

Chinchillas come in many different colors making them really cute babies! What color is your baby chinchilla?

Caring for a Chinchilla

Chinchillas can make great pets when cared for properly. Although these little tame babies require a significant amount of care! Like you and me, they need a lot of attention and like to play frequently. They’re super smart and entertaining to watch. They also live a very long time! This makes them great pets that you can enjoy for many years to come. Hold your chinchilla carefully as they are gentle animals. Chinchillas have soft, plush coats that can be extra cuddly. Like a dog or a cat, these animals can become very attached to their owner if they don’t have a playmate. Only having one chinchilla is fine, but be prepared to spend a lot of time with your new pet over the years.

Chinchillas need a mixed diet in order to stay healthy. This diet consists of hay, treats, nuts, seeds and dry fruits. Please feed your chinchilla dry fruits sparingly as it takes longer for their system to digest it. Their diet mostly consists of hay and experts recommend Timothy hay as a main source of their dietary needs. Supplement their diet with a salt block to ensure they’re getting everything they need to stay healthy.

As for cage size, be sure to provide your chinchilla with the biggest cage size possible. The more room they have the happier and healthier they will be! It’s fun to run around and a large cage ensures they can do so. Ensure there’s a place for them to hide and getaway for when they don’t feel like interacting. This is for their alone time and ensures a balanced wellbeing for your pet. They also love toys! Get chew toys to keep their teeth at a healthy length. These toys will also keep them busy when you’re away!