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A baby pig is called a piglet! It takes 115 days for a female pig to give birth to a baby piglet. A mommy pig, known as a sow, can give birth on average to up to 12 piglets at one time!

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Baby Pigs! These little baby pigs are extremely cute! You can also call them piglets.

Being a pig could be quite fun! They love to play and get dirty! In all, they just want to have fun. Baby pigs are especially cute! The burly, smelly pigs we all know start out looking way cuter than when they are first born.

A baby pig is called a piglet! It takes 115 days for a female pig to give birth to a baby piglet. A mommy pig, known as a sow, can give birth on average to up to 12 piglets at one time! They typically give birth twice per year. This mommy pig will certainly have her work cut out for her with 12 little pigs running around the farm! With baby piglets being as curious as they are, they are sure to get into some trouble and fast!

Pigs are omnivores and can eat anything. They are cleverly nicknamed nature’s garbage disposal! As a result, little piglets can grow big and strong as long as they have plenty of food and water. Pigs are naturally very hardy animals and have a will to survive. Their mother takes good care of them as they grow big and strong. Once they are born, they are immediately able to walk and run around with their eyes and ears wide open. This is something special unlike most other baby animals!

Piglets tend to be born with a pink color and are generally very light skinned when compared to their pig parents. As they get older and bigger, their body and markings tend to darken and their tiny tail curls will grow! When little pigs are first born they have a hard time staying warm. They love to cuddle up to their mother or siblings. Some will even try to play hide and seek and burrow into hay or straw that is laying around.

Baby piglets are very curious and it’s important to keep an eye out for them! They can grow up to have little baby pigs of their own in just six months! The site of a newborn piglet is very hard to resist; so much so that many people have found themselves adopting a piglet as a pet! Imagine having a little piggy running around!

Just one look at that cute little nose as a piglet grunts and snorts its way to eat might be all it needs to convince you to bring it into your home.

Pig and Piglet Care Facts

If you have been thinking about getting a baby pig as a pet to keep on your farm or in your home, there are a few things you should know before you pick out a pig! First, ensure that it is legal to keep a pig within your neighborhood. Some neighborhoods have different zoning laws that prohibit this. Some animals are best kept alone while other animals are best kept with others. Pigs are very social animals! If you are going to get a pig, make sure that you can spend a decent amount of time socializing with him or her. If you cannot always be there to socialize, you should consider getting two pigs so they each have company.

If you are keeping a pig in the house, you need to remember that they are very curious animals. They will always be exploring and looking around, and can get themselves into trouble if left unattended! Similar to the way you would childproof your home for a toddler, make sure the same procedures are followed for keeping a pig within your home. Pigs can live for up to 20 years in captivity!

Your pig loves fresh fruits and veggies. They should always have access to fresh water to stay hydrated as well. You can train your pig basic commands as you would a dog, and they should also be named and then taught to respond to their name. Do these items early within the pig’s life!